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Odie My Star

Odie is about 14 years old now and really should be slowing down, even the vet has told me he should
slow down, however no one told Odie and although his body is older, in his head he is still a pup.
On Thursday I started to take Ollie (my collie cross/lurcher) mountain biking after a long walk, while I left little Odie at home with his breakfast.
When we returned Odie was sitting by the door very stressed, breakfast uneaten (a rare thing). Once we came in he returned to his bed and hardly moved all day, even on the next walk he was very quiet and reserved. He was so upset with me for leaving him.
So on Friday I asked if he wanted to come, he seemed very excited so i got Ollie into his harness and leads on and off we went.
Well to his credit he ran his heart out with a huge grin on his face, even at one point passing Ollie and I. He went through the whole ride, we slowed down at the end to help him as he was struggling a little but he came home happy and settled.
To prove his point he came out with Ollie and I yesterday on a long run, then decided to play.
Just shows where there is a will and a big heart there is always a way.
If there were a medal for the bravest dog Odie would get it, he really is a very special dog, well to me anyway xx