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Ollie and the Mole
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Dog Shiatsu

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Four Legged Friends
The Black Dog
Dog Shiatsu
Odie and Ollie
Ollie and the Mole


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Being bitten by "The Black Dog"
Dog Shiatsu
Equine Reiki
Four Legged Friends
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Four Legged Friends

Ollie and the Mole

Ollie has a new pass time on walks, he likes to hunt for and carry in his mouth...... Moles! 
He does not hurt them, or they appear not to be hurt as once he puts them down they run back to the dark. Normally i try and discourage this behaviour for everyones sake but.....
The other day i didn't see him in front of me as usual, and he was not in the neighbouring dyke back so i happened to turn around as i whistled. Here he comes racing down the hill so fast his back legs were overtaking his front ones with something in his mouth yes you guessed it a mole. He has such a look on his face "look what i found mum!". I made him put it down and just as the poor wee thing was about to run for safety he picks it back up again!! This time i  made him put it down and aided it into the hedgerow, it went indignantly squealing all the time complaining about its very sudden journey.
So now i keep an even closer eye on Ollie and his friend finding missions.         

Ollie's Progress

Its coming up to us having Ollie now for three months and he is starting to become a really well mannered dog, with the odd quirk.
I have had to resort to walking him back on the lead as it is hunting season here in Belguim and the countryside is full of game at the moment. Ollie (when chasing anything) has painted on ears which obviously means he cant hear me calling him. this can be dangerous at the best of times but right now as it became the season on the 16th, there are people hunting all over the place. 
I began to lose the will to live with his pulling, as nothing worked. I have tried Animal communication, Reiki, Halti's, Techniques from the Dog Whisperer, Advice from Dog Trainers, My Mum, Food, Clickers and nothing has worked he was still hell bent on pulling my arm out of it' socket and walks were just horrible as it became very disheartening.
Then at the weekend I found the most amazing dog harness called an "easy walker" and it was only 6.50 euro, so a bargain to boot.
Since Saturday we have had some lovely walks, Ollie is a lot calmer, does not pull very much if at all and seems much calmer around the house as well.
He has also decided not to chase the cat and even greets him now every morning when he comes in, although sometimes I think he is really after the cats food.
His stress anxiety has reduced quite a bit, instead of raiding and emptying the whole of the rubbish bag and laying it on and around his bed he has now become selective about what rubbish he chooses, I guess this is a good sign.
He also travels better in the car and every time he gets a bit stressed Odie is great at settling him back down.
He has become a very large lap dog, as soon as I sit down at night he is desperate to lie on me in some way, so i need to grow a bigger lap.
I have started mountain biking with the Ollie to add to running with him. He loves biking and pulls me along even without pedalling, this tires him out as a bonus but the fun he has is the main reason we do it.
He is a lovely dog, becoming very muscular and powerful but calm and loving.
Once again it proves the only thing that heals is love, time and trust

Odie and Ollie

It's Wednesday already, not quite sure where this week is going it seems to be flying in
Thankfully i am feeling better and look less like an extra from a Dr Who episode but as yet not to sure if i will be fit enough to run on Sunday. It;s great i look less scary and scaly as tonight i am flying to Scotland to work for the week and to see my son.
I have come to the conclusion that Ollie is definitely going to need some sort of class or agility just to tire him out we went on a 5 plus mile walk this morning and he really was ready for another 5 minutes later!! Odie is becoming faster and fitter to, the only one who appears not  to be progressing is me?
They went out for their run earlier,both were off lead and as Odie seems to be a "rebel with four paws" in his old age i had my work cut out to keep an eye on both of them.
Odie has very obviously sneaked off and rolled in something very smelly, so much to Odie's and my husbands horror it's bath time tonight once i am safely at the airport.
For once i get the good end of the stick xx   

Four Legged Friends

I have Lupus, which means this morning I woke looking like an extra from Dr Who, and on the day of Parents evening. So the initial reaction was to feel sorry for myself and do nothing.
ReiKi and Shiatsu on OdieHowever I have two dogs Ollie and Odie who stops me being sad.
Let me introduce them:
Ollie is a Border Collie Cross Lurcher, he is only 10+ months old and a rescue dog from Edinburgh's dog and cat home. We have only had him 6 weeks but he has ingrained himself into our family and nobody can imagine being without him.
He has learnt in the last 6 weeks to come when called off lead, leave the cat alone, not to pinch Odie's food and to not raid the dustbin bags.
ReiKi and Shiatsu on Ollie     
ReiKi and Shiatsu on Odie
Odie is an Italian greyhound cross, he is now 14 years old and a rescue dog from America. We have had him for nearly 8 years and he has been a little superstar for all of this time.
He has accepted Ollie in the end and sees his role as the older "parent" telling the young dog off, being slightly pompous when Ollie is in trouble.
After having Lupus for over 6 years you would think that I would notice the warning signs I was heading for a "flare up" but as usual I ignored them, however the dogs knew. Both have been glued to me all weekend and every time I have sat down i have had two dogs pinning me to the spot.
So this morning they were both determined I would get them out and they hinted and hinted until they got me to get my wellies on and go out.
Ollie, as always took off like a rocket and Odie stayed quite close, then out of the blue Odie lay on his belly and watched Ollie as he came racing back, then all of a sudden he ran up to Ollie, jumped over him and bit his tail!! Ollie, whipped round and then chased Odie around the field. The strange thing is this is the first time Odie has ever really "played" properly with another dog, they one thing I do know is they both made me laugh & I wonder has that been their purpose all along .
So I don't care what I look like, I can work through the pain thanks to my four legged friends Ollie & Odie