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Dog Shiatsu

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Dog Shiatsu
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Dog Shiatsu

Dog Shiatsu

The benefits of dog shiatsu
Hi Cat
I just wanted to say thank you so very much for giving Cassie (my labrador) her first shaitsu massage. It has been a week since you gave her her treatment and it has given her a new zest for life. She is as spritely as she was when i got her 3 years ago. The stiffness in her back legs seems to have gone and her activity levels have increased and is back keeping up with me when we go for longer walks. She also seems to have better control of her bladder again and isn't urinating in the flat when left for too long. 
If this is the results after her first treatment, i cant wait to see what happens after her next treatment. 
Thank you again so much from both me and Cassie.

Dog Shiatsu

Dog Shiatsu is a healing and health maintenance system that has been practiced for over 5,000 years. In Japanese, 'shi' means finger and 'atsu' means pressure - Shiatsu means 'finger pressure' - a pressure that can gently stimulates the bodies natural healing ability.

Shiatsu is a type of acupressure which is a sister therapy of acupuncture.
It uses gentle pressures, stretches and articulations to bring about beneficial effects through touch.
Energy flows through the body along pathways called meridian lines, these relate to all major organ functions.
If the meridian line are damaged, either by trauma, birth or just general wear and tear, then the energy flow becomes weak or non-existent leading to muscle deterioration, lameness etc.Poor energy flow can sometimes lead to other problems, which can cause low self-esteem, depression and a lack of communication. The animal may resist handling, despite the owner's best efforts It can also be very tiring and frustrating for the owner.
The energy flow can be repaired by stimulating the bodies natural healing ability, gently stretching the meridian lines, pressing the energy points and helping the animal to be aware of its body. Shiatsu is one form of complementary therapy that is safe to apply even as a beginner.
The moment that you place your hands on you are instantly supporting your animal.

Amongst the many benefits of Shiatsu are:
Early recognition and treatment of problems
Treatment and elimination of muscular-skeletal problems including chronic and subtle lameness and stiffness
Maintaining suppleness.
Reducing susceptibility to injury
Maximising physical potential Activating the immune system,Stimulating circulation, the nervous system and the release of hormones, including endorphins, The bodies own painkiller, 
Deepened level of communication between animal and 'caretaker.
Treatment both relaxes and energises the patient and practitioner. Alleviating behavioural, training and physical problems to name a few.