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Equine Reiki and the lumps

I am being lucky enough to help an equine friend of mine who has developed some lumps under her tail. Due to her colouring and her age it is most likely to be cancer. As you can imagine this is distressing for all concerned as she is a very much loved member of a family. 
With the consent of all (including the vet)l i am giving her regular Equine Reiki treatments to see what the effects will be to both the lumps and the horse. For the purposes of this journal the horse will just be called "J"
As is normally the case "J" looks fine except for a need to scratch her tail alot, which must be quite irritating. The lumps are about 6 or 7 and are under the dock of her tail and they are small except that two have developed in size recently.
I began the treatment by sending Reiki from the door. J has had Reiki from me before so knows what to expect and it took no time at all to connect to her with the energy and begin sharing. After a few minutes of her beginning to relax i entered the stable.
I started with one hand on the poll the other on the withers and J stood enjoying the energy, licking, chewing and lowering her head as she relaxed completly. Then she turned around and asked me to work on her head, she had a headache. This is did and as i gave her Reiki she stretched her neck so far up in the air as if the energy was finally allowing her muscles to stretch. She then offered me her cheek and as i gently stroked it i felt tears spring to my eyes and she gave a big sigh, as she was able to release an emotion inside.
I went back to treating her body and worked for a while on her front legs  which were absorbing the energy, then she moved her bum to my hands. I sent Reiki to her tail dock and she allowed this for a few moments then moved her body away from me and scratched her tail again. I went back to her front legs and several times i was "given" her tail to work on for a few moments for it then to be taken away and scratched. I finished the treatment and decided to use my quartz wand to try and help. I placed the wand on the base of her tail and she instantly started to lick and chew, moved her bum to the wall and visibly relaxed. She allowed me to work with the wand for a good 5 minutes and then moved away from me completly and signalled that she wanted the treatment to end.
I look forward to going back on Monday      

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Avery Riddle on 26 December 2012 09:23
Equine Reiki is really useful in horsemanship. Any horse or pony will find some benefit from this. Horses like all animals are very sensitive and intuitive, thus very receptive and can feel the Reiki energy.
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A Reiki treatment consists of laying the hands on the body in a prescribed pattern and allowing the energy of life to flow through the hands.Thanks for sharing!!!
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Reiki provides peace of mind for the parents by knowing they can be an active part in their children's recovery by simply laying Reiki charged hands on their babies.
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