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Working at the Stables

I enjoy taking my daughter to the stables every weekend, she enjoys the ride and i enjoy working with and on the horses.
This week Ailee was riding a lovely pony called Speedy. Speedy is definitely part Shetland pony and has been a riding school pony for a long time, so knows all the tricks and the best way to up end a treat bucket and definitely how to "not" get tacked up.
However yesterday she was incredibly compliant!!! this had me wondering as normally it's fun to work on her as you never know what she will do next.
Once tacked up (without the usual games) I started to ask her questions, it turns out she had a very sore neck and crest. Sure enough when  looked at her crest she had a sore spot and her neck appeared tight.
I released most of her bridle, undid her girth and gave her Reiki. Speedy gave a big sigh and unusually stood stock still with her head low down. I found the cause of her sore neck was coming from the base of her mane, (must have been from being ridden badly tacked up).
I worked very hard with Reiki for 15 minutes, speaking to her all the time, asking how she felt and letting her move her body around my hands to "show" me where she wanted the Reiki.
After the 15 minutes, I left her for 5 minutes just to chill then went back and quietly went to do her tack back up. This she let me do easily, then quickly whipped round and tried to bite me.
This did make me laugh not only did she feel better enough to be "naughty" but she could move her neck freely again.
And the lesson? well pony and rider had a wonderful time with my daughter grinning from ear to ear, but boy Speedy made her work hard.

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Comments RSS on 01 August 2013 11:06
And the lesson? well pony and rider h
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to chill then went back and quietly went to do her tack back up. This she let me do easily, then quickly whipped round and tried to bite me. This did make me laugh not only did she feel better enough t
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