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Ollie and the Mole
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Dog Shiatsu

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Four Legged Friends
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Dog Shiatsu
Odie and Ollie
Ollie and the Mole


Animal Reiki and Communication
Being bitten by "The Black Dog"
Dog Shiatsu
Equine Reiki
Four Legged Friends
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Odie and Ollie

It's Wednesday already, not quite sure where this week is going it seems to be flying in
Thankfully i am feeling better and look less like an extra from a Dr Who episode but as yet not to sure if i will be fit enough to run on Sunday. It;s great i look less scary and scaly as tonight i am flying to Scotland to work for the week and to see my son.
I have come to the conclusion that Ollie is definitely going to need some sort of class or agility just to tire him out we went on a 5 plus mile walk this morning and he really was ready for another 5 minutes later!! Odie is becoming faster and fitter to, the only one who appears not  to be progressing is me?
They went out for their run earlier,both were off lead and as Odie seems to be a "rebel with four paws" in his old age i had my work cut out to keep an eye on both of them.
Odie has very obviously sneaked off and rolled in something very smelly, so much to Odie's and my husbands horror it's bath time tonight once i am safely at the airport.
For once i get the good end of the stick xx   

Working at the Stables

I enjoy taking my daughter to the stables every weekend, she enjoys the ride and i enjoy working with and on the horses.
This week Ailee was riding a lovely pony called Speedy. Speedy is definitely part Shetland pony and has been a riding school pony for a long time, so knows all the tricks and the best way to up end a treat bucket and definitely how to "not" get tacked up.
However yesterday she was incredibly compliant!!! this had me wondering as normally it's fun to work on her as you never know what she will do next.
Once tacked up (without the usual games) I started to ask her questions, it turns out she had a very sore neck and crest. Sure enough when  looked at her crest she had a sore spot and her neck appeared tight.
I released most of her bridle, undid her girth and gave her Reiki. Speedy gave a big sigh and unusually stood stock still with her head low down. I found the cause of her sore neck was coming from the base of her mane, (must have been from being ridden badly tacked up).
I worked very hard with Reiki for 15 minutes, speaking to her all the time, asking how she felt and letting her move her body around my hands to "show" me where she wanted the Reiki.
After the 15 minutes, I left her for 5 minutes just to chill then went back and quietly went to do her tack back up. This she let me do easily, then quickly whipped round and tried to bite me.
This did make me laugh not only did she feel better enough to be "naughty" but she could move her neck freely again.
And the lesson? well pony and rider had a wonderful time with my daughter grinning from ear to ear, but boy Speedy made her work hard.

Four Legged Friends

I have Lupus, which means this morning I woke looking like an extra from Dr Who, and on the day of Parents evening. So the initial reaction was to feel sorry for myself and do nothing.
ReiKi and Shiatsu on OdieHowever I have two dogs Ollie and Odie who stops me being sad.
Let me introduce them:
Ollie is a Border Collie Cross Lurcher, he is only 10+ months old and a rescue dog from Edinburgh's dog and cat home. We have only had him 6 weeks but he has ingrained himself into our family and nobody can imagine being without him.
He has learnt in the last 6 weeks to come when called off lead, leave the cat alone, not to pinch Odie's food and to not raid the dustbin bags.
ReiKi and Shiatsu on Ollie     
ReiKi and Shiatsu on Odie
Odie is an Italian greyhound cross, he is now 14 years old and a rescue dog from America. We have had him for nearly 8 years and he has been a little superstar for all of this time.
He has accepted Ollie in the end and sees his role as the older "parent" telling the young dog off, being slightly pompous when Ollie is in trouble.
After having Lupus for over 6 years you would think that I would notice the warning signs I was heading for a "flare up" but as usual I ignored them, however the dogs knew. Both have been glued to me all weekend and every time I have sat down i have had two dogs pinning me to the spot.
So this morning they were both determined I would get them out and they hinted and hinted until they got me to get my wellies on and go out.
Ollie, as always took off like a rocket and Odie stayed quite close, then out of the blue Odie lay on his belly and watched Ollie as he came racing back, then all of a sudden he ran up to Ollie, jumped over him and bit his tail!! Ollie, whipped round and then chased Odie around the field. The strange thing is this is the first time Odie has ever really "played" properly with another dog, they one thing I do know is they both made me laugh & I wonder has that been their purpose all along .
So I don't care what I look like, I can work through the pain thanks to my four legged friends Ollie & Odie          

Equine Reiki and Animal Communication

Finally now life has settled down i was able to go to the local stables here in the area and while Ailee (my daughter) rode i was able to go and talk with some of the lovely horses they have there.
This is where animal communication is wonderful because there are no language barriers and no proper sentence structure as there are normally when i try and speak dutch, they and i just communicate.
I was walking past a wee ponies stall when i got shouted at by them, not aloud but as if someone had shouted "hey you there"in my head i stopped and went to them put my hand out and quietly asked how could i help them? They just rested their muzzle in my hand. I offered them reiki and for 5 to 10 minutes everyone else in the place disappeared as i gave this lovely lad reiki. Once he had had enough he lifted his head, nodded at me and then went back to eating his straw. As i left i heard his voice say "thank you"
The next guy i spoke to feeling very lonely, his owner had not yet been into see him and he felt very left out. Again i offered reiki and for a wee while he just remained still apart from licking and chewing (a sign of a treatment) then he stepped back and went over to the corner where his water was turning his bum to me, a sure sign he had had enough. Later however when i went to collect Ailee i got slightly nibbled as i went past, what a lovely thanks  x x