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Equine Reiki and the lumps
Ollie and the Mole
Deeper Healing Reiki
Dog Shiatsu
Dog Shiatsu

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Four Legged Friends
The Black Dog
Dog Shiatsu
Odie and Ollie
Ollie and the Mole


Animal Reiki and Communication
Being bitten by "The Black Dog"
Dog Shiatsu
Equine Reiki
Four Legged Friends
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Equine Reiki and the lumps

I am being lucky enough to help an equine friend of mine who has developed some lumps under her tail. Due to her colouring and her age it is most likely to be cancer. As you can imagine this is distressing for all concerned as she is a very much loved member of a family. 
With the consent of all (including the vet)l i am giving her regular Equine Reiki treatments to see what the effects will be to both the lumps and the horse. For the purposes of this journal the horse will just be called "J"
As is normally the case "J" looks fine except for a need to scratch her tail alot, which must be quite irritating. The lumps are about 6 or 7 and are under the dock of her tail and they are small except that two have developed in size recently.
I began the treatment by sending Reiki from the door. J has had Reiki from me before so knows what to expect and it took no time at all to connect to her with the energy and begin sharing. After a few minutes of her beginning to relax i entered the stable.
I started with one hand on the poll the other on the withers and J stood enjoying the energy, licking, chewing and lowering her head as she relaxed completly. Then she turned around and asked me to work on her head, she had a headache. This is did and as i gave her Reiki she stretched her neck so far up in the air as if the energy was finally allowing her muscles to stretch. She then offered me her cheek and as i gently stroked it i felt tears spring to my eyes and she gave a big sigh, as she was able to release an emotion inside.
I went back to treating her body and worked for a while on her front legs  which were absorbing the energy, then she moved her bum to my hands. I sent Reiki to her tail dock and she allowed this for a few moments then moved her body away from me and scratched her tail again. I went back to her front legs and several times i was "given" her tail to work on for a few moments for it then to be taken away and scratched. I finished the treatment and decided to use my quartz wand to try and help. I placed the wand on the base of her tail and she instantly started to lick and chew, moved her bum to the wall and visibly relaxed. She allowed me to work with the wand for a good 5 minutes and then moved away from me completly and signalled that she wanted the treatment to end.
I look forward to going back on Monday      

Ollie and the Mole

Ollie has a new pass time on walks, he likes to hunt for and carry in his mouth...... Moles! 
He does not hurt them, or they appear not to be hurt as once he puts them down they run back to the dark. Normally i try and discourage this behaviour for everyones sake but.....
The other day i didn't see him in front of me as usual, and he was not in the neighbouring dyke back so i happened to turn around as i whistled. Here he comes racing down the hill so fast his back legs were overtaking his front ones with something in his mouth yes you guessed it a mole. He has such a look on his face "look what i found mum!". I made him put it down and just as the poor wee thing was about to run for safety he picks it back up again!! This time i  made him put it down and aided it into the hedgerow, it went indignantly squealing all the time complaining about its very sudden journey.
So now i keep an even closer eye on Ollie and his friend finding missions.         

Deeper Healing Reiki

It's funny how all of a sudden a skill you have had for a while and never used becomes important.
I have been attuned to Deeper Healing Reiki for a while, and to be honest it has just sat there in my portfolio of certificates and i have done nothing to much with it until recently.
I had a friend who came to me desperate to remove the scars of the past so they could enjoy their present without the niggle in their head about past hurts. These were still hampering her way forward and her present new situation.
After having a chat i remembered about the Deeper Healing and thought ok lets give it a go.
After giving them their treatment they seemed very tired and rather spaced out, which is not uncommon after a treatment but this time it seemed deeper set. Over the next 48 hours they reported that they had had many recounts of past events and problems but felt the were more a "spectator" than the person involved. This had helped them greatly in seeing the situation from the outside in rather than the inside out allowing for a new, clearer perspective.
So the outcome for them? they have dismissed and dealt with a lot of past baggage, past forgotten things that were held in the physche and yes they are more contented and happy.
So now I have brought it to clinic and some of the results I am being told about are amazing, from people being able to forgive themselves for past actions to others being able to bridge gaps between them and other family members that have been there for a while.
Buddha wrote an interesting saying that works well with this Reiki:
The secret of health for both mind and body,
Is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future and anticipate troubles,
But to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.
Enjoy the moment xx

Dog Shiatsu

The benefits of Dog Shiatsu 
Hi Cat
 I just wanted to say what a difference the shiatsu massages are doin for Cassie, after each massage Cassie receives, she is like a young pup whereas the hours before you start she looks as old as she is. 
I can not thank you enough for the injection of life you give to my dog when you give her her massage. 
Thank you
Ronnie and Cassie

Dog Shiatsu

The benefits of dog shiatsu
Hi Cat
I just wanted to say thank you so very much for giving Cassie (my labrador) her first shaitsu massage. It has been a week since you gave her her treatment and it has given her a new zest for life. She is as spritely as she was when i got her 3 years ago. The stiffness in her back legs seems to have gone and her activity levels have increased and is back keeping up with me when we go for longer walks. She also seems to have better control of her bladder again and isn't urinating in the flat when left for too long. 
If this is the results after her first treatment, i cant wait to see what happens after her next treatment. 
Thank you again so much from both me and Cassie.

Dog Shiatsu

Dog Shiatsu is a healing and health maintenance system that has been practiced for over 5,000 years. In Japanese, 'shi' means finger and 'atsu' means pressure - Shiatsu means 'finger pressure' - a pressure that can gently stimulates the bodies natural healing ability.

Shiatsu is a type of acupressure which is a sister therapy of acupuncture.
It uses gentle pressures, stretches and articulations to bring about beneficial effects through touch.
Energy flows through the body along pathways called meridian lines, these relate to all major organ functions.
If the meridian line are damaged, either by trauma, birth or just general wear and tear, then the energy flow becomes weak or non-existent leading to muscle deterioration, lameness etc.Poor energy flow can sometimes lead to other problems, which can cause low self-esteem, depression and a lack of communication. The animal may resist handling, despite the owner's best efforts It can also be very tiring and frustrating for the owner.
The energy flow can be repaired by stimulating the bodies natural healing ability, gently stretching the meridian lines, pressing the energy points and helping the animal to be aware of its body. Shiatsu is one form of complementary therapy that is safe to apply even as a beginner.
The moment that you place your hands on you are instantly supporting your animal.

Amongst the many benefits of Shiatsu are:
Early recognition and treatment of problems
Treatment and elimination of muscular-skeletal problems including chronic and subtle lameness and stiffness
Maintaining suppleness.
Reducing susceptibility to injury
Maximising physical potential Activating the immune system,Stimulating circulation, the nervous system and the release of hormones, including endorphins, The bodies own painkiller, 
Deepened level of communication between animal and 'caretaker.
Treatment both relaxes and energises the patient and practitioner. Alleviating behavioural, training and physical problems to name a few.

Killy & Reiki

Equine therapy and ReiKi on KillieAt the end of September as a family we went to Pony park City in Holland. This place has 300 hundred ponies and everyone who stays in their chalet type houses gets a pony (if they want one) for one, two or more days.
Each pony is ridden without saddle and only a head collar and rope as bridle. The staff are great at the place and the ponies are well cared for, though it is a tough schedule for the ponies.
We met our  Shetland pony cross bred "Killy" on saturday morning and boy he was bad tempered. However i am not surprised as he had had a long season of different people every week trying to ride, some with a lot of skill and some with no idea at all.
Killy just saw us as another "lot" he had to deal with.
In the beginning on the Saturday morning he refused to move, tried to buck Ailee off frequently (and managed twice), tried to bite and to kick us should we get close enough to his back end.
I brought him back to the chalet and had an attempt at grooming him, bribery with bits of horse treats did help as well as starting to introduce him to Reiki. (he did not like it in the beginning and i had to avoid teeth on a few occasions.) but after a few minutes he began to relax.
After a small rest following the Reiki Ailee rode him and came off a few times but he had calmed down and seemed to enjoy "working".
We once again brought him back to the chalet and this is when i was able to give him a full treatment. Plus for the first time he allowed me to communicate with him.
He told me how unhappy and unloved he was, he felt used but not loved,this explained all his behaviour and more.
He began to sleep during his treatment and totally succumbed to the energy with his nose inches off the ground as he slept.
The afternoon ride went better and Ailee only came off twice when Killy put his neck down and she slid off! He enjoyed trotting through the wooded track and having a small jump, it was a great experience for Ailee too to ride bare back.
At 4pm however he decided to head back to the stables and took off with Ailee on board at canter, managed to unseat her and kept going. We caught him in the end after a bit of a chase and although Ailee was winded she was fine.
We went into the small area where you can get a drink ect with him and as i sat waiting on a drink i asked him "why" he needed to head home "his reply was "he was scared" I asked why he was scared? he told me that he had a friend who had gone away, i believe he was scared of getting close to anything or one again.
I casually gave him some more Reiki and when another pony was tied up next to us they began to groom each other very chilled.
We gave Killy back to the staff at the coral at 5.30 that night and although he was tired he was quite relaxed.
On Sunday morning he was pretty bad tempered again but did come to greet us.
He was, after a bit of hay and a groom a very calm, contented Pony. Not once did he unseat Ailee or even try to,he trotted to voice command, he allowed me to groom him, plait his tail and mane and even dress him up for the fancy dress parade!He enjoyed a riding lesson and began to walk and trot with his head held high
He even enjoyed his first 99 ice cream and licked all traces off the table like a big dog.
We reluctantly gave our "Killy back on Sunday evening 3 hours later than we had planned to, there were tears from both Ailee and I as we did not want to leave him.
The power of Reiki, TLC and communication showed again what it can do and how much it can help. Killy taught us all alot and we loved him as much as we could.  
We return again to spent the weekend with him on the 4th November, i have told him we are coming and i hope to one day own him.        

The Black Dog

I remember as a kid my mum telling me she had been bitten by "The Black Dog". My dad would give her a cuddle and over time my mum would seem brighter and happier. As a child this confused me as I had seen no black dog our dog was a sable colour?
Having been bitten by a dog I knew that it hurt and you cried, yet mum had no wound or bandage or even a plaster?, I knew that you were wary of dogs (or at least I was in those days) yet mum seemed fine with them and she never had a scar? 
so what had happened?
Now 30 plus years on I understand, as right now I too have been bitten, my wounds are all internal and I am wary of the world and my own intense emotions.
I have gone through this in the past, after having my children, my dad dying, moving countries and being diagnosed with Lupus. I have always moved forward, been strong enough to break through the veil of darkness and keep marching, so why is this time different?.
So many questions I can't answer, another reason why feel like I am lost and have been swallowed by "the black Dog"
I have tried over the past while to stay positive, surround myself with positive affirmations, do exercise, smile, read, the list is endless but still I feel the teeth inside biting and dragging me back down.
"Make friends, be sociable, join a group" is a few of the suggestions close family have made, these are things I have told clients myself, the standard protocol for someone feeling like me.
Well I am learning that as with everything in life, one size does not fit all.
Positive proposals from others only seem to highlight how inadequate you already feel, making you sink deeper and deeper into the darkness which in the end becomes security in the most macabre way.
Today my dog is 10 feet tall and 6 feet wide, I accept that its just a bad day and that tomorrow could be completely different.
I have finally accepted today that feeling like this does not make me a failure, weak, miserable or negative.
I realise that my nature is not to complain or off load onto others it's just a coping mechanism that I am using to survive this day.
I realise there are many situations that have happened over the last year that have brought about this trigger and that stress only highlights the problem as does ill health and my tiredness, yet I am having to learn to be less of a perfectionist to myself.
I am learning to be kind and understanding to me just like I would be to a friend, family member or client.
I know some people reading this will think its a load of rubbish, some will see it as self indulgent and others wont even bother to read the whole thing.
But if only one person reads this, identifies with it and realistes that they are not alone, then this day has not been a "bad" day  

Odie My Star

Odie is about 14 years old now and really should be slowing down, even the vet has told me he should
slow down, however no one told Odie and although his body is older, in his head he is still a pup.
On Thursday I started to take Ollie (my collie cross/lurcher) mountain biking after a long walk, while I left little Odie at home with his breakfast.
When we returned Odie was sitting by the door very stressed, breakfast uneaten (a rare thing). Once we came in he returned to his bed and hardly moved all day, even on the next walk he was very quiet and reserved. He was so upset with me for leaving him.
So on Friday I asked if he wanted to come, he seemed very excited so i got Ollie into his harness and leads on and off we went.
Well to his credit he ran his heart out with a huge grin on his face, even at one point passing Ollie and I. He went through the whole ride, we slowed down at the end to help him as he was struggling a little but he came home happy and settled.
To prove his point he came out with Ollie and I yesterday on a long run, then decided to play.
Just shows where there is a will and a big heart there is always a way.
If there were a medal for the bravest dog Odie would get it, he really is a very special dog, well to me anyway xx

Ollie's Progress

Its coming up to us having Ollie now for three months and he is starting to become a really well mannered dog, with the odd quirk.
I have had to resort to walking him back on the lead as it is hunting season here in Belguim and the countryside is full of game at the moment. Ollie (when chasing anything) has painted on ears which obviously means he cant hear me calling him. this can be dangerous at the best of times but right now as it became the season on the 16th, there are people hunting all over the place. 
I began to lose the will to live with his pulling, as nothing worked. I have tried Animal communication, Reiki, Halti's, Techniques from the Dog Whisperer, Advice from Dog Trainers, My Mum, Food, Clickers and nothing has worked he was still hell bent on pulling my arm out of it' socket and walks were just horrible as it became very disheartening.
Then at the weekend I found the most amazing dog harness called an "easy walker" and it was only 6.50 euro, so a bargain to boot.
Since Saturday we have had some lovely walks, Ollie is a lot calmer, does not pull very much if at all and seems much calmer around the house as well.
He has also decided not to chase the cat and even greets him now every morning when he comes in, although sometimes I think he is really after the cats food.
His stress anxiety has reduced quite a bit, instead of raiding and emptying the whole of the rubbish bag and laying it on and around his bed he has now become selective about what rubbish he chooses, I guess this is a good sign.
He also travels better in the car and every time he gets a bit stressed Odie is great at settling him back down.
He has become a very large lap dog, as soon as I sit down at night he is desperate to lie on me in some way, so i need to grow a bigger lap.
I have started mountain biking with the Ollie to add to running with him. He loves biking and pulls me along even without pedalling, this tires him out as a bonus but the fun he has is the main reason we do it.
He is a lovely dog, becoming very muscular and powerful but calm and loving.
Once again it proves the only thing that heals is love, time and trust