The Kelso ReiKi Room & Therapy School   -
As each person is an individual, not every holistic therapy works for everyone: it is very much NOT a ”one size fits all” mentality.
This means that trying out different therapies until you find one that works for you on all four levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) is very important.

The unique aspect of the Kelso ReiKi Room is that we are able to offer a kaleidoscope of Therapies, Courses & Workshops enabling us to help as many people and animals as possible to find balance, happiness, healing and good health.
Choose from a range of three different massages (Indian Head Massage, Japanese Hand Massage or Thai Foot Massage) or choose a three stage combination.
We also offer Crystals to soothe and ease ailments, stresses and problems.
Hopi Ear Candles work brilliantly with head, ear and sinus problems, easing pain, relieving symptoms and helping when travelling.
Nutritional Counseling helps greatly in losing those extra pounds, dealing with vitamin/mineral deficiencies and helping you create a happier, healthier You.
Thought Field Therapy is a quick but effective technique to remove cravings and fears, one or two sessions and most issues are gone.
Have you ever felt like you stand under a signpost but you can’t see where it is directing you or the choices available? Life Coaching asks the right questions to allow you to live in the present and discover your path.
Please feel free to ask for the healing capacities of our crystals on sale or check out our online crystal shop, ReiKi, Training courses, Workshops and Massage Therapies.