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After years of practicing The Kelso ReiKi Room & Therapy School has an impressive number of clients who not only come back for the next treatment on a regular basis but also like to express their gratitude and share their stories with us.Read below what they have got to say about their experience with our treatments and how ReiKi has changed their life for the better.

l ways feel great after a reiki session with Cat. She is also a great teacher ~ has time if you have any concerns to explain and help you through them.  She is always contactable wherever she is and will always help at the drop of a hat. 
I was attuned to Reiki 1 by Cat at one of her weekend attunement sessions in Kelso. I was quite nervous and apprehensive about what was going to happen to me but Cat was very professional and friendly at the same time. She was very well prepared for the class and it was a small group so I felt comfortable setting to ask any questions, or clarify something I did not understand. I enjoyed the two day workshop and found it to be an enlightening experience. I have also met with Cat in her role as a therapist when I was suffering from anxiety, sparked off by an allergy, a year and a half ago. I found this to be brilliant and she was very reassuring in telling me that the way I was feeling would pass. I also can't thank her enough for always being on the end of the phone, email or text when I felt I was going mad and worried that the way I felt was not going to get better. :)As a nutritionalist she was also able to give me dietary advice as I was worried that I was going to eat something that would make my anxiety worse. Cat is always on hand to give advice either by phone, email or text when you are unable to see her. She has also sent distance Reiki to me on manyoccasions which I very much appreciated.
Hello My name is Molly and when I was very young I had an accident and broke my leg.  It had to be pinned and plated and recovery was going to take a very long time. 5 weeks of only toilet walks and then two weeks of very short walks. You can guess from this that I am in fact a Border Terrier.  With the help of Cat, my recovery was very speedy and I was very soon getting longer and longer walks.  You would not know now that I am infact 'Mental Molly'. Cat treated me 5 or 6 times after my operation. I can seriously recommend Reiki for pets. One of my owners looks forward to treatments from Cat and it acts as a real boast to her.

molly after a Reiki & Crystal treatment 
Berry, relaxed and contented after a ReiKi treatment