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Massage Therapies
Massage Therapies have their roots in different cultures and Religions all over the world. Common within all different massage styles is the rhythmic soothing action creating a whole body relaxing effect.
Every type of  massage produces a deep healing effect on the body that is uniques for each person.
I offer three different types of massage both as a treatments (either alone or as a three point magical massage) and as workshops (each workshop is a one day course complete with comprehensive manual and certificate).
Each massage I do is explained below:
 Japanese Hand Massage - Workshop Available
A Japanese Hand Massage is a unique blend of Shiatsu and Reflexology.
A good hand massage will help tremendously to de-stress a person and relieve cramps in your arms and upper body, it opens energy channels and creates a feeling of well being. It can help greatly with stiff & cramped joints, pain, inflexibility and can help reduce inflammatory conditions in the hands, arms and shoulders.   
This massage is very sensitive, and due to it's nature provides instant relaxation from the beginning and leaves the receiver feeling very calm and cared for
Thai Foot Massage - Workshop Available
A Thai Foot Massage is made up of a 3 point massage which works the hips, Lower legs, Feet & Hands.Thai foot massage stimulates the internal organs, giving the receiver a full and well rounded holistic treatment. The benefits of a Thai Foot Massage are: Reduced stiffness & improved flexibility, Accelerated physical healing, Stress relief, Improved sleep & Clarity of mind.
This massage provides the wonderful benefit of leaving the receiver feeling energised and alert for the rest of their day.     
Indian Head Massage - Workshop Available
An Indian head massage is a wonderful way to help release the stress and tension that accumulates in the head, neck, shoulders and arms from everyday life, trauma and emotional issues.
An Indian Head Massage works the upper back, the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, head and face. Making it a very relaxing therapy as well as providing pain relief, flexibility, movement, de-stress and clarity of mind.
This massage provides a wonderful well rounded treatment to allow someone to feel balanced, calm and re-energised.