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Equine & Animal ReiKi

Reiki is a safe, non intrusive, gentle healing technique for all animals that can be either performed on the animal directly or from a distance (such as from the stable door) or through a photograph.

It involves an attuned / trained Practitioner placing their hands on or near the animal, allowing the animal to heal from within, irrespective of the symptoms.
Equine & Animal healing balances the energy flow throughout the body, stimulating the Animals natural healing process.

During the healing process, endorphins (natural pain reliever and feel good factor apparently equivalent to the effects of opium and morphine) are released into their system, enabling the Animal to feel relaxed and calm. This form of healing has no harmful side effects, and will only work for the receivers greater good.

Equine and Animal Reiki has been proven to intensify and increase the healing process, it can help any horse or other animal to a speedy recovery from trauma and/or injury.
Reiki can produce positive effects on many different situations, everything from unexplained/strange behaviour to helping a very fearful animals to become more confident.
What is important about Reiki is that the horses and other animals do not need to be in pain or crisis for a treatment to be beneficial;