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 Animal Communication is an intuitive language between humans and animals; it's listening with the heart.

Animals communicate in a non verbal language using all their senses; With distance communication, photographs of an animal may be used just as effectively as a point of focus this means that it is not necessary for me to meet the animal concerned prior to or during a communication session.
As every animal owner/ lover knows every animal is an individual, and has personal preferences and dislikes that they like to express. Equally, learning more about a particular animal and their preferences can deepen the human-animal bond, and encourage mutual acceptance of both individuals and their personal ways.

Some of the things Animal Communication can help with are:

1.Behaviour issues; what does your animal want & need?

2.Help with finding lost animals

3.Helping during illness & death

4.Assists in helping introducing animals to each other & adopting animals

5.Helps with understanding of all animals

How Does Animal Communication 'work'? **
The easiest way to describe this is to say that an animal will 'pick up' on the image or images that a word, phrase, sentence, or intention 'forms' in my mind. When I communicate with an animal, I feel things, physically and emotionally.

It is common for people to report notable improvements or differences occurring regarding requests made over behaviour issues or information relayed to and from their animal friend. Although there can be no guarantee that an animalwill act on information given through communicating - my personal experience is that very frequently the communication is acknowledged to have been helpful or enhancing to an animal's life and well being and thereby often to their person too
** With any behavioural anomaly, please always consult a Veterinary Surgeon in the first instance to eliminate any possible physical cause.
our cat Willie, stubborn but lovely lived a happy life due to regular Reiki treatments
Please send us an e-mail if you wish us to contact your animal. Don't forget to add a photo of your pet.

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