The Kelso ReiKi Room & Therapy School   -

About Me: Cathleen Hepburn-Klemm
In 2002, whilst living in America, Reiki discovered me.
I knew, after experiencing my first treatment that I wanted to learn how to practice Reiki, become a Reiki Master/Teacher and take it back to Scotland to open my own business.
I started the clinic only being able to offer two treatments, Reiki and Nutritional Counselling.
Now 9 years later I have expanded my skills to offer many different therapies that help a person & animal become balanced, relaxed & calm.
All of which allows the body to heal and rejuvenate, leaving each individual with the feel good factor.  
Crystals have also become a passion of mine, which I indulge in every now and then when I go crystal shopping in the picturesque village of Idar Oberstein in Germany.
Cathleen Hepburn - Founder of The Kelso ReiKi Room & Therapy School,I trained as a Master of Crystology in 2008 and I have been offering varied crystal treatments as well as a basic & advanced crystal workshop ever since.
I also become qualified to practice Equine/Animal Reiki as well as Animal Communication in 2010.  
I have an immune disease which can make life very challenging at times. I believe however that with the help of the crystals, watching my diet, getting a weekly Reiki or massage treatment and staying positive have all contributed to my health still being so positive, years after the diagnosis.
Just proves Positive things happen when Positive actions are taken!!